Introducing: QCB Wedding Invitation Collections

Flowers evoke a certain romance, which is why couples tend to gravitate toward them for their wedding day. They’re delicate and graceful, and what better way to illustrate these romantic feelings than with elegant watercolor flowers on your wedding stationery. We paired our love for flowers with our love for design and paper goods to […]

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Building an arrangement

Happy Holidays 2020

The infamous 2020 is wrapping up. It’s probably safe to say the entire world is feeling a bit of relief knowing this year is coming to an end. Though it’s been a hard year, we still find a lot to be grateful for. We’re so thankful for our wonderful couples who have been so flexible […]

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Newlyweds holding wildflower bouquet in photobooth van

A Whimsical Wildflower Wedding | Branson, Missouri

There is something so playful about wildflowers. They’re dainty and bright, and come in so many unique shapes. They’re carefree—and above all—they’re sure to put a smile on your face. Wildflowers remind us of picking flowers as a kid, as well as the sheer beauty of this earth we live on. All this to say, […]

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Ocean Song rose in a centerpiece

Our Favorite Roses: 2020 Edition

It’s no secret that we LOVE roses around here. We use them in almost all of our designs, and most of time we use two… three… even four different varieties per wedding. If you’re sitting there there thinking “Eee, I dunno about roses.” We get it. Maybe you’re thinking of traditional red roses typically sent […]

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Groom holding bouquet while bride twirls her dress

A Spring Wedding at Stone Chapel | Springfield, Missouri

Abigail and Kendell had a lovely spring wedding at Stone Chapel on Drury University’s campus just under the stay-at-home order wire. (Couldn’t get your hands on this wedding, Corona!) They selected flowers in soft lavender and white which looked so beautiful paired with their bridesmaids’ sage green dresses. We delivered flowers in rain jackets and […]

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