We absolutely love when a client has a specific aesthetic vision in mind. When Ashley came to us wanting a nod to a specific art movement, we were totally in. This couple was so kind, and their passion for flowers made it super fun to work with them. Bring on an artistic challenge.

Ashley described her love of the Pre-Raphaelite period, specifically how the flowers in the backgrounds of many of the paintings popped against the dark foliage. In her favorite painting, the flowers were small and white and growing organically along a river bank. As an homage to this art movement, we used rich leafy greenery and textural white and blue flowers in their color palette.

On their head table, specifically, we used small locally grown daffodils and flowering branches to reference the organic nature of the flowers along the river bank, plus we included roses and hydrangea per the couple’s request to bring some lushness to the decor.

Long, linear arrangements looked to be growing from the tables, with high contrast greenery and flowers. Small delicate blooms mixed with cloud-like roses to blend the dramatic artistic style and wedding romance. The goblets and napkins made for a beautiful pop of color throughout the Greenhouse Two Rivers.

Alyssa Simpson photographed their day so beautifully, catching the unique light that shines and dances through the all-glass venue. Congratulations Ashley and Istevan!

Wedding Vendors

Photography: Alyssa Simpson Photos
Venue: Greenhouse Two Rivers
Cake: HyVee

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