It’s no secret that we LOVE roses around here. We use them in almost all of our designs, and most of time we use two… three… even four different varieties per wedding. If you’re sitting there there thinking “Eee, I dunno about roses.” We get it. Maybe you’re thinking of traditional red roses typically sent on Valentine’s Day and it’s not your vibe. Totally understandable. BUT there are so many types of roses in varying shapes, colors, and textures. And while we’re not trying to tell you how to live your life… it really is time to get on the rose train.

We’ve rounded up examples of some of the best roses of 2020 for weddings, and really just in general.

The Best Roses of the Year
(In Our Humble Opinion)

Tastes change, but our love of roses remains the same. Here’s a list of our favorite roses right now.

Bridal bouquet with protea, beige roses, and amaranth


Quicksand roses are the best blushy-beige color. They work well for couples who prefer a subtle blush color and for couples who appreciate a more neutral aesthetic. They tend to take on the palette around them, and we love love that about them.

Photo: Hannah Arnzen Photography

Ocean Song rose in a centerpiece

Ocean Song

If you’re after a good lavender, this rose is a dream. It’s truly the most gorgeous shade of purple, and we are very big fans of this cool lavender.

Photo: Stephanie Michelle Photography

Playa Blanca Rose

Playa Blanca

This rose is not just your average white rose. Playa Blanca features a gorgeous spiral-center, and is the loveliest soft-white. A gorgeous rose for a classic white wedding.

Photo: Inner Images Photography

Couple with bouquet


If you’re after a lush, luxe look, Juliet is your gal. This rose boasts a soft, cloud-like bloom, and can easily be mistaken for a peony with her many, many petals. Juliet’s soft light peach color make for a gorgeous addition to any wedding looking for some peachy romance.

Photo: Stephanie Nachtrab Photography

Secret Garden rose in a centerpiece

Secret Garden

This bloom is quite large compared to most roses. Secret Garden has the prettiest dusty pink color and really makes a statement in any floral arrangement or bouquet.

Photo: Beth Solano Photography

Leonidas Rose


Rusty reds are “so hot right now” (-Mugatu), and this rose is the perfect shade for a rust color way whether you’re creating a warm summery aesthetic or rich fall color palette.

Photo: Mandy Evans Photography

Kiera Rose


Kiera is another one of those wish-you-could-have-a-pillow-made-out-of-this rose. It is so fluffy and luxurious in the softest pink hue. One of the coolest traits about this rose is the bit of magenta running through the center making every bloom one of a kind.

Photo: Beth Solano Photography


Are roses your new jam? Have you always been a rose fan? We hope one of the roses above has caught your eye and fueled some love for this classic beauty.

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