Here in the Midwest, the humidity and heat during the summer can be a lot to bear. Lucky for us, the heat of the summer produces a pretty long list of incredible flowers that can be grown in our area… which is exciting news if you’re planning a wedding during these toasty months! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite late summer flowers to incorporate into your wedding decor.

Our Picks for Late Sumer Wedding Flowers


Scabiosa, also called Pincushion flower for the unique white “pins” that show up in the center of the flower as they bloom, is an easy summertime pick. These small blooms are perfectly textured round shapes that come in a variety of colors from white to pink to periwinkle to deep maroon. Their thin, sometimes windy stems make them a fun bit of movement to any arrangement or bouquet.

Photo credit: Annie’s Annuals


Cosmos are one of our favorites! These delicate blooms tend to have the most perfect “flower” shape (think the typical five-petal flowers you drew as a kid, or would draw right now if asked.) These lovely blooms are light, airy, and an incredibly romantic addition to bridal bouquets and centerpieces.

Cosmos typically come in whites and varying pinks. Specialty varieties may be double-bloom with a fluffy texture. A huge perk of cosmos is that they grow well here in Missouri, so we can often get them throughout the summer from local flower farmers.

Photo credit: Swallowtail Garden Seeds


Zinnias are a summer staple. They’re bright, colorful, and hardy plants that are easy to grow in the Midwest. Zinnias range from button-sized to a few inches in diameter, and can be grown in a myriad of colors, mostly ranging in a wide array of warm tones.

Their texture is unique, and they always add a bright pop of color.

Photo credit: Burpee


Celosia is quite unique in the sense that it comes in so many really different shapes and colors. Cockscomb celosia is a funky, almost brain-like shape. Wheat celosia grows in vertical, textured stalks. And Plume celosia blooms are more wispy yet concentrated, almost looking like a flame of sorts.

You’ll find most celosia sporting bright, warm summery hues, ready to add a pop of color and interesting texture to floral designs of all kinds.

Photo Credit: Johnny’s Seeds


Strawflower is a summer favorite for us. (What’s not at this point…) The petals of this amazing flower are spiky looking and feel as if they’re dried to the touch. Their centers typically have a perfect bright orange ring around a soft off-white center. These blooms are great for adding a bit of movement and unique texture among the delicate petals you’re used to seeing.

Photo credit: Floret Flowers


We hate to say we saved the best for last, but it’s really tough to beat a dahlia. These beauties are quintessential late summer/early fall flowers. Dahlias range in size from a couple of inches across to 7 or 8 inches across depending on the variety. Some look like pom pons in a perfect circle, while other larger varieties, like Cafe au Lait, appear to have long curling ribbons stemming from the center. These delicate blooms can be tough to get our hands on, but they certainly steal the show when they’re able to stand front and center.

Photo credit: C-Street Flowers


Are you considering a summer wedding? If so, you’ve got some great flower options in all the colors of the rainbow. Make it a bright, bold affair to commemorate the season, or tone things down with some beautiful neutral hues. Summers in Missouri provide many great options for you heat-loving lovebirds.

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