Charity and Tyler’s wedding was quite the whirlwind. The couple was originally set to get married on April 4th, 2020, but that changed abruptly when the stay-at-home order due to COVID-19 was announced toward the end of March.

We had been planning to build custom pedestals to create a free-standing structure from the ground up. But when we got a call mid-week on March 24th saying that they would be married before the mandate went into place the next day, we came up with a quick plan B. After a few speedy conversations back and forth, we altered some of the original plans, made an emergency flower run early the next morning and headed to Greenhouse Two Rivers to work with an existing arbor structure. Desperate times call for creativity and flexibility, and everything really fell into place the day-of. We loved the end result!

Ceremony photo of bride and groom exchanging vows

We created this large floral arbor with dried palms in a variety of shapes and sizes, along with eucalyptus, white roses, and additional blooms with textures that transitioned the sharpness of the palms to the softness of the roses.

Charity’s bouquet included some of the same palms and preserved grasses that were in the arbor to bring the dried motif full circle, and even Tyler’s boutonni√®re had a little dried scabiosa pod peeping out.

Even though it wasn’t necessarily the original wedding day they had been dreaming of, the couple had a beautiful intimate wedding that complied with social distancing regulations. It was really impressive to see both vendors and family come together to make their day special, even during such a stressful time. Community is everything, and it was amazing to see it in action.

Photography: Beth Solano Photography

Bride and Groom Kissing Under Floral Arbor

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