Spring Flowers

Spring has arrived and we’re here to tell you that early spring is an ideal time to get married. Is it still chilly? Maybe—though you never know in Missouri. But the flowers are breathtaking, and it’s totally worth planning your wedding around them. (We might be biased, but hear us out.)

The early spring season brings color plus great shape and texture to the floral scene. You’ve got star shapes and the most perfect rosettes. You’ve got ruffles, and blooming branches, and all in just about any color you can possibly imagine.

Our Picks for Early Spring Wedding Flowers


Anemones are quite the show stopper. Their dainty single row of petals and striking dark center make them a very unique focal point to any bouquet or arrangement. Need a flower that can do tricks? Anemones tend to close up at night and when they’re cold, and open wide during the day and in a warmer temperatures.

Anemones come in a variety of colors including white, blush-y white, magenta, red, and several purples.

Mix of anemone colors

Photo: Zoe Basetto


Ranunculus are a fan fave, and it’s easy to see why. Their delicate blooms dance above thin, curvy stems which can create great movement in a floral piece. Ranunculus have a delicate round rosette shape, and come in more colors than we can name: white, yellow, salmon, pink, red, burgundy, and the list goes on and on. These beauties can typically be sourced year round, but when we can get them locally in early spring they’re just so healthy and happy.


When we say “early spring flower,” tulips are probably one of the first blooms that might come to your mind. Tulips are a quintessential spring flower, and typically bloom here in early to late April (though they’re another flower that can typically be sourced year-round).

Tulips come in so many wonderful textures. Standard tulips have smooth petals, while the more luxe parrot tulips have ruffly petals and fringed tulips (as you may guess based on the name) have fringe on the edge of the petals.

Standard tulip, fringed tulip, parrot tulip

Photo: Holland Bulb Company


Forsythia season is short, but if you’re a fan of yellow and time your wedding just right, this could be the bloom for you. Forsythia is a blooming branch with small, bright yellow flowers covering each and every sprig. The bush is a sight to behold when it’s at its peak, and bringing some of that cheer into an arrangement will brighten your wedding tenfold.

Yellow forsythia branches

Photo: White Flower Farm


Daffodils are easily our favorite spring bloom. Their lovely star and trumpet shape make daffodils a flower that is completely unique to the spring season. If you’re sitting there thinking “But I don’t like yellow and daffodils are yellow….” WRONG! Well… you’re right. But daffodils come in other colors and even varying shapes as well!

Double bloom daffodils are gorgeous, full of ruffles, and can come in hues from yellow to white to pale pinks. Some of the uncommon shapes and colors can be a little harder to get a hold of, but if possible, they’re incredibly unique blooms to include in your wedding floral decor.

Mix of daffodils from Flint Creek Flower Farm

Photo: Flint Creek Flower Farm


Are you considering a spring wedding? If so, we’re your biggest cheerleaders. Do it! Get it on the calendar! And think about the ideal spring flowers you’d like to include in the floral elements for your big day.

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