If you want to admire your wedding blooms long after your big day, it’s never too early to start thinking about bouquet preservation. There’s a short window once your wedding passes to be able to preserve your bouquet flowers, so it’s best to come up with a plan beforehand if this is something that interests you.

We offer unique memory boxes as a way to showcase your bouquet flowers, along with other important details from the day you said “I do.”

How It Works

Bouquet Drop-Off

Drop your bouquet off within two days post-wedding. At this time you can also deliver any wedding details you’d like added into your shadow box to us.

Floral Drying Process

Our drying process uses silica gel, which preserves the shape and color more closely to its live, fresh state. In order to preserve properly, the blooms must be as fresh as possible.

Design Process

Based on the items you’ve given us, we’ll create a one-of-a-kind memory box with your cherished wedding mementos as well as flowers from your bouquet, safely displayed under anti-glare glass.

Memory Box Options

Before we get to creating your wedding artwork, you’ll need to make a couple of design decisions.  You can choose from the following selections:

12″ x 12″

Black or White Frame

16″ x 20″

Black or White Frame

Premium Anti-Glare Glass

Our memory boxes now come with premium anti-glare glass which tones down the look of reflections in your piece of art, and blocks 78% of UV rays to help protect your preserved blooms.

Graphic showing the difference between standard glass and anti-glare glass

What to Include

We can incorporate all sorts of small mementos into your shadow box. If you need a bit of inspiration, some popular things to work into a wedding shadow box design are:

  • Invitation Suite
  • Printed Wedding Portrait
  • Earrings
  • Cuff Links
  • Cake Server
  • Cake Topper
  • Bouquet Ribbon
  • Dried Boutonnière
  • Garter
  • Small Decor Details
Wedding shadow box with each detail labeled

My experience with Queen City Blooms was amazing! My bouquet was super pretty and I love that I get a memory box to cherish it! I highly recommend Queen City Blooms!

– Abbie, Bride

Fine Print

We can’t guarantee how flowers will look once they’re dry. Some types of flowers keep their shape better than others. The color of each flower will darken as they dry, and some may even continue to change color over time (which is part of the beauty of it!).

Once the drying process is complete, we’ll use our judgment to use the blooms that look the best for your shadow box. We rarely use all of the flowers from a bouquet, and will return the leftover blooms if you’d like to have them.

We’ll work with you to determine which elements are the highest priority for your shadow box. With space constraints, sometimes it’s not possible to work every item in.

Memory boxes should not be left in extreme heat, and should also be displayed out of direct sunlight for best lifespan of the delicate dried florals.